Standard for Polyethylene Pipe for Underground Fire Protection

This standard states FM Approvals criteria for Polyethylene pipe and polyethylene fittings for underground fire service water mains.

fire fighting Standard

FM Approvals criteria may include, but are not limited to, performance requirements, marking requirements, examination of manufacturing facility(ies), audit of quality assurance procedures, and a follow-up program


This standard encompasses the design and performance requirements for 4 in. through 36 in.nominal size PE pipe and PE fittings for use in underground fire service mains, other sizes may be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. In cases where metric sized PE pipe and fittings are to be examined for Approval, test criteria comparable to the United States equivalent size shall be used.

Approval Standards are intended to verify that the product described will meet stated conditions of performance, safety and quality useful to the ends of property conservation.

FM Approvals will consider PE pipe and fittings which are designed in accordance to national or international standards. Only after verification is made that the products to be reviewed are in conformance to American Water Works Association (AWWA) C-906, Polyethylene (PE) Pressure Pipe and Fittings, 4 in. Through 63 in., for Water Distribution, or other nationally or internationally recognized standards will Approval testing commence. All Approval testing is to be conducted on production samples.


The FM Approvals certification mark is intended to verify that the products and services described will meet FM Approvals’ stated conditions of performance, safety and quality useful to the ends of property conservation. The purpose of Approval Standards is to present the criteria for FM Approval of various types of products and services, as guidance for FM Approvals personnel, manufacturers, users and authorities having jurisdiction.

fire fighting Piping

Products submitted for certification by FM Approvals shall demonstrate that they meet the intent of the Approval Standard, and that quality control in manufacturing shall ensure a consistently uniform and reliable product. Approval Standards strive to be performance-oriented. They are intended to facilitate technological development.

  For examining equipment, materials and services, Approval Standards:

 a) must be useful to the ends of property conservation by preventing, limiting or not causing damage under the conditions stated by the Approval listing; and

 b) must be readily identifiable. Continuance of Approval and listing depends on compliance with the Approval Agreement, satisfactory performance in the field, on successful re-examinations of equipment, materials, and services as appropriate, and on periodic follow-up audits of the manufacturing facility.

FM Approvals LLC reserves the right in its sole judgment to change or revise its standards, criteria,methods, or procedures.



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